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Luca Mozzanti, founder and owner of Mazzanti Automobili, was born in 1974. His vast background derives from his true passion for cars since childhood. His experience and knowledge were formed as body shop mechanic, as expert in realizing the future of race cars and restorer of prestigious historic cars. Moreover, he participated in well-know National and International races, with personally restored historic sport-prototypes. At a later stage, Luca Mazzanti narrows down his career producing several "one-off" model cars, like the Antas, that was entirely handmade and characterized by his extreme personal style.

In 2013, Luca designed and Built Evantra as a "One-off" car and since it was so popular in design and creativity, he decided to form a corporation and produce more than one car per model and in 2018, he formed MAZZANTI AUTOMOBILI, LLC.

Luca's 25 years of experience in Automotive sector and his competence in creating these cars with the extreme precision and care for details resulted in the birth of Evantra Millecavalli, the most powerful street-legal Hypercar ever built in Italy.